About us

"Matsunaga Geo-Survey Co., Ltd." is a professional service company
providing geological information and physical property using multiple measurement methods
such as borehole logging, microtremors and geophysical exploration for construction and civil engineering in Japan.

Our services

We have 3 major measurement methods for geological explorations.
1.Borehole logging
  Down-hole PS, Suspension PS, Resistivity, Density, Caliper,
  Borehole load test, Johnston's Formation test (JFT) and more.
  Observations on the surface and in borehole.
3.Geophysical exploration
  Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Borehole Radar and Surface Wave Exploration
  for the subsurface utility infrastructures, underground obstacles and cavities.

Our history

A geologist,Takashi Matsunaga, founded the company on 11 October 1978.
Next year, an equipment with auto recording system for JFT was developed for the first time in Japan.
In 1990, we established a business and capital tie-up with MINDECO (Mitsui Mineral Development Engineering Co., Ltd.).
Currently, we are a wholly owned subsidiary of them. Throughout the experiences and challenges of field works for over 40 years,
We have some in house-development tools such as long-period microtremors and 3D Directional Borehole Radar System.

Our mission

In Japan, Many buildings and infrastructures were destroyed and reconstructed repeatedly whenever a massive earthquake occurred.
Especially, the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, was one of the largest-scale disaster in this century.
The more earthquake-resistance technologies are advanced, We believe the more detailed and high-precision geological information will be needed.
Throughout the geological surveys around Japan, Our services contribute to the sustainable developments in the future.

Address and Contact

1-23-1 Oi, Shinagawa, Tokyo 140-0014, JAPAN
Phone: +81-3-3773-8411
Mail: mgs@m-gs.co.jp